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Our Friends

At Desert Farms we do everything it takes to make a difference for families, farming communities and the environment. Long ago, we realized that we’re not in this endeavor alone. By teaming up with organizations that share our values, we all learn along the way and can lend additional support wherever and whenever possible – and that's what matters. 

Here's a short list of some of our friends:

The what took you so long foundation

What Took You So Long? – is a team of multimedia storytellers dedicated to showcasing unsung heroes and untold stories. They create beautiful and impactful films, deliver events that touch communities, teach others from their experiences and share stories that move the world. As a benefit corporation they work on what they love and that has led them to food, farmers, nomads, entrepreneurs, designers, innovators and educators. Read more about them at WhatTookYouSoLong and check out their Camel Milk Documentary.

Texas Camel Corps - US Army Camel Experiment


Texas Camel Corps - educates about how camels play an important role in our lives, and creates hands-on experiences with camels. The US Army Camel Experiment played a unique part in opening up America's Southwest from 1857-1860. Camels have been used in major motion pictures since the beginning of the movie industry, and their presence in Biblical scenes during the holidays makes characters come alive in the minds of those watching. Read more at TexasCamelCorps and check out their Fan Page.


Camel science research group

Camel Science Research Group – a nonprofit public benefit corporation founded by author Christina Adams also known to be the first documented person to import camel milk for autism in the US. Check out her true story on Autism File. CSRG works on advancing scientific research and point of care evidence on camelids and their products, and supporting and advocating the nonprofit and commercial availability of beneficial products.