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Why drink milk containing A2 proteins - Only CAMEL MILK

A2 is the name of a milk protein that was in all dairy herds until a natural mutation occurred in the European herd thousands of years ago.

Dairy milk usually contains a mixture of A1 and A2 beta casein proteins, but milk from camels is completely A2.  

What are the health benefits of A2 protein milk?

Milks containing mostly A2 proteins are often said to be better for ‘allergies’ (such as gut, skin rashes, hay-fever, cough). There is also research to suggest that A1 beta casein may be associated with serious health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes type 1 and autism.

Families seem to find the switch to Camel Milk which is only A2 protein the easiest of all dietary changes to make. It seems to work best for people with physical symptoms – such as gut, rashes, ear infections – rather than behavior, although some children with behavioral conditions do improve on camel milk. 

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