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Camel Milk Powder - Freeze Dried (200)g - SOLD OUT (PRE-ORDERS ONLY EXPECTED May 15)

Made from great tasting Raw Camel Milk!

Nothing added. Nothing removed. 

This powder is made from 100% pure camel milk. Our premium freeze drying method (which involves no heat) protects all the nutritional and unique properties of camel milk as well as its natural color, flavor, and consistency of the fresh milk. Freeze dried products are of the highest quality you can find on the market and are used by astronauts due to nutrient retaining properties.

Our camel milk’s temperature is reduced to −50 °C in small batches then dehydrated through a vacuum (rather than heated through a dryer) to remove all the water. After rehydration the powder will have the same nutritional properties as fresh camel milk.

Freeze Dried - Camel Milk Powder is a rich dairy source for everyone, drink it plain or add it to your favorite smoothie. Makes 8 to 10 servings.


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