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The ONLY milk with over 200 unique proteins and ACTIVATES your body's secret immune system! 

Traditionally organic camel milk is tough to find. So we started this company to produce superior camel milk from the best farms, the best camels, and the best nutrition.

100% organically sourced camel milk from US farms. No added hormones or antibiotics.

Nutrient-dense, Promotes glutathione production, Nourishes microbiome and, Delivers rare proteins. 

Over 1,500+ five-star reviews and trusted by health experts.

The Only Organic Camel Milk Recommended By:

Dave Asprey

#1 Rated Health Podcast

Creator of Bulletproof Coffee

"Colostrum-like properties! Desert Farm's camel milk is the one of most biologically active dairy with several powerful immune building molecules such as lactoferrins, immunoglobulins, anti-oxidants, vitamins and bio-identical igF-1"




Cassie Bjork, RD

Registered Dietician

“I don’t recommend cow’s milk for two main reasons: a lot of people are sensitive to it and it is also a strong promoter of weight gain. Camel’s milk is NOT "insulinogenic" like cow’s milk, it can help stabilize blood sugar levels, that's why Camel Milk from Desert Farms is the only animal milk I recommend."

Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP

Thyroid expert and researcher

"Camel milk has some interesting unique properties that may be of use in helping people with boosting their immunity.”

Camel Milk In Traditional Cultures

For thousands of years, people all over Arabia consumed camel milk for its immune boosting properties. The Bedouins would send their children off to the desert to drink camel’s milk for 2 weeks because they find that it strengthens the child’s immune system for the rest of their lives.


Camels are ancient animals that have evolved to thrive in the harshest conditions on the planet.


“Camel’s milk is the closest milk we have to healthy human breast milk.” - Dr. Kaayla Daniel


Camel’s milk is an ancient food that can help people thrive in our modern toxic world.

Camel Milk Is One Of The Most Nutrient Dense Super Foods

Camel milk has immune and digestive system supporting properties and is packed full of healthy nutrients. 


Adults and children with immune and digestive system issues can benefit as well from the health promoting effects. 


Camel milk also contains a number of probiotics, including Lactobacillus casei, Pediococcus pentosaceus, Enterococcus durans, and Enterococcus lactis, as well as Lactobacillus lactis lactis, Lactobacillus pentosus, and Lactobacillus plantarum.

How Camel Milk Is Different Than Regular “Cow’s Milk”

Of all mammalian milk, camel’s milk most closely resembles mother’s milk. It is a better option than goat, sheep or cow’s milk.


Camel milk offers optimal levels of many other beneficial components needed to support the gut, brain and the immune system. It nourishes the microbiome, with a profound effect on metabolism, immune function, genetic expression and brain chemistry. 


Nutrients are more bioavailable and bioactive in camel milk and are easily absorbed by the body to enhance immune function. Camel milk contains growth factors that enhance muscle protein synthesis, cartilage formation, and bone repair, which is crucial for periods of intense physical training and when someone is under a lot of stress.


Backed by more than 400+ scientific publication on its likeness to human breast milk


World Class Health Experts Agree

“Sure, you could get your recovery, muscle repair, protein synthesis and growth factors from some kind of modern, special, engineered frankenfuel - or you could do like I do and go straight to nature's perfectly packaged protein source in the most bioavailable form known to humankind: camel's milk. I do it, and I highly recommend it for enhancing recovery speed, muscle growth, gut function and much more!

Ben Greenfield

"We have a lot of customers that come in to Mission Heirloom just to buy Desert Farms camel milk. It is a fantastic alternative to milk for chefs as well."


Mission: Heirloom

Paleo Restaurant

"Sourcing the highest caliber nutrition available is my top priority in caring for my family, my clients, and of course myself as a competitive athlete. The Camel Milk from Desert Farms is a staple in that diet for all of us. Camel Milk is truly one of the finest sources of protein, probiotics, and 'good fats' available anywhere."

Dan Wells

Trainer on NBC’s “STRONG" and Crossfit Games Athlete


"With the exception of breastmilk, I recommend camel milk for my patients because I believe its packed with good nutrition and better tolerated then other milks in the market"

Dr. Edward Sarraf

Top Celebrity Pediatrician in Beverly Hills

Improve Your Immunity, Gut, and Brain Health With Camel Milk

We Created Desert Farms For A Reason

Farmable land is decreasing and desert lands are increasing. We need sustainable animals that can thrive in harsh environments. 


Inspired by the nutritional potential we saw hidden in the desert, We created Desert Farms. We’re making the full breadth and power of superfoods from the desert available to everyone. Whether you’re battling health, supporting the growth of your child, or simply wanting a personal best, look to the desert—and to Desert Farms.


“The desert has shaped the camel into the world’s most powerful superfood. The desert is the source. The camel is the miracle. And its milk is the answer.” - Walid Abdul-Wahab, Founder


Desert Farms was founded to bring superfoods from the desert.

For thousands of years bedouins, nomads and pastoral cultures around the world have relished camel milk for a really long time. Camels are thought to have originated in North America, but somebody must have left the gate open, because they migrated to Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Maybe the food was tastier?


" Camel Milk is the White Gold of the Desert!” - Arab proverb


Unfortunately, modern diets have lost the practice of consuming high quality raw milk sourced directly from farms in favor of modern convenience, factory-raised animals, and highly pasteurized  milk. 


#1 Rated Health Podcast

(The Fat-Burning Man Show)

"Improved digestive health after a few weeks of being on camel milk. Consistent use of camel milk has lead other children to gain necessary weight which improves their overall vitality and health. Camel milk is not just beneficial for children. The non-brain reactive peptides of camel milk make it a great alternative for adults who are struggling with cow dairy sensitivities and allergy.  ”

Dr. Edward Sarraf


& celebrity doctor 

"With the exception of breastmilk,  I recommend camel milk for my patients because I believe its packed with good nutrition and better tolerated then other milks in the market" 

Dr. Kurt Woeller

Kurt N. Woeller, D.O. 

Autism Recovery System

Camel milk from Desert Farms is a great tasting alternative to cow dairy for those with a dairy allergy and/or casein peptide sensitivity. Unlike cow dairy which typically contains adverse brain reactive peptides, the forms of casein known to trigger behavioral and cognitive problems because of its opiate-like effects on the nervous system, camel milk’s casein is devoid of these properties.


The Benefits of Camel Milk

Nourishes Microbiome

The microbiome has a profound effect on our metabolism, immune function, genetic expression and brain chemistry. 


Indeed it plays so many essential roles in the body that good health cannot be sustained without a healthy microbiome.

Delivers Rare Proteins

Camel milk delivers some of the most powerful immune active components such as Lactoferrin, Immunoglobulins, Cytokines, and Lysozyme. 


These proteins are unique to camel milk and provide ultimate support to your brain, gut and immune health. 


All these are antioxidant that can scavenge free radicals and reduce oxidative stress

Promotes Glutathione

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant found in the body. It is vitally needed for optimum health.


Low levels of glutathione in the body have been found in individuals diagnosed with health conditions

How Does It Taste?

"I've recently read a lot about camel milk but wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by both the taste and how easy it was for me to digest. I will definitely order again. Thanks! 

Cindy C.

"I am allergic to almost every kind of milk. When I heard about camel milk I was skeptical but I had to give it a try and oh my gosh!! I CAN FINALLY drink milk again. Makes a great latte too! Bonus points"

Joel O.

"I live in a household with multiple food allergies and intolerances and finding something that everyone at home can digest with no problem is a miracle. It’s definitely a great alternative to cow's milk. Smooth creamy taste"

Jason W.

Improve Your Immunity, Gut, and Brain Health With Camel Milk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where are you farms? 

A: We work with family farms nationwide. Each bottle is milked, bottled and packaged at the farm to ensure the delicate camel milk is not exposed to contamination. Our camel milk is not and will never be shipped to a third-party contractor for bottling. We limit the number of people dealing with your products to ensure freshness and purity

Q2: Can I refreeze my camel milk? 

A: Yes, refreezing is completely safe and recommended. Sometimes when you order the milk frozen you might receive it partially thawed, do not worry that is absolutely fine, just place it back in the freezer or refrigerator to defrost. Although freezing will not change the milk's nutritional values, in fact it will actually preserve it however, it might change the texture of the milk because of the fat globules separating, just shake and drink up.

Q3: How long will my order take to arrive?

A: Due to high demand, your order may take up to 4 business days to arrive. We only ship every Monday and Tuesday to make sure you get your milk before the weekend.

Q4: Won't my milk go bad in transit?

A: We use a food grade styrofoam box with ice packs and dry ice to make sure your milk is insulated and refrigerated during transit. Transit times are normally 2-3 days once shipped from our farm. Dry ice will evaporate before arrival and ice packs may thaw, however your product is good to consume

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