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Why Camel Milk?

The closest milk to human breast milk

High level of Lactoferrin &

Simulates the same
Properties as colostrum

Good Source of Protein,
Potassium & Fats

Excellent Source of Calcium
& Vitamin B1

Nutritional information Ingredients

Backed by Science

Over 400+ Research Publications

Immune Active Protective Proteins
similar to breast milk

Unique Nanobodies
supporting deliverability of nutrients

Powerful Antioxidants
such as Glutathione needed for detoxing the body

Beneficial Oligosaccharides
to nourish the microbiome

A Perfect Symbiosis
of naturally occuring prebiotics and probiotics

Influences GABA in brain
and contributes to how it work

Wide range of active B-vitamins
for ultimate bioavailability

Least Allergenic
milk alternative on the market

Our Practices

Trusted by leading Drs. & Immunologist

Dave Asprey

#1 Rated Health Podcast Creator of
Bulletproof Coffee

"Colostrum-like" properties, Desert Farms - camel milk is the most biologically active dairy with several powerful immune building molecules such as lactoferrins, immunoglobulins, vitamins and bio-identical IgF-1. A perfect way to stay Bulletproof” 

Dr. Kaayla Daniels

Best Selling Author, Nutritionist & Researcher

"With the exception of breastmilk,  I recommend camel milk for my patients because I believe its packed with good nutrition and better tolerated then other milks in the market"

Dr. Alan Christianson

NYT Best Seller, Voted Top 100 Naturopathic Physician

"Sourcing the highest caliber nutrition available is my top priority in caring for my family, my clients, and of course myself.  Camel Milk is truly one of the finest sources of protein, probiotics, and 'good fats' available anywhere."

What The Experts Are Saying

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Excellent (2, 500+ Reviews)

Kelly R.

"I've recently read a lot about camel milk but wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by both the taste and how easy it was for me to digest. I will definitely order again. Thanks!

Maria A.

"Camel milk is not just beneficial for children. Adults with immune and digestive system issues can benefit as well from the health promoting effects. The non reactive peptides of camel milk make it a great alternative for adults who are struggling with cow milk sensitivities and allergy."

Tony T.

"I go straight to nature's perfectly packaged protein source in the most bioavailable form known to humankind: camel's milk. I do it, and I highly recommend it for enhancing recovery speed, muscle growth, gut function and much more!"