Camel Milk Nutrition: Benefits & Facts

Camel Milk Nutrition

Along with having nutrients like vitamin E, zinc, and selenium, a single cup of camel milk also contains:

  • 10% DV of protein
  • 11% DV of potassium
  • 15% DV of phosphorus
  • 30% DV of calcium
  • 70% DV of vitamin B1

Camel Milk Taste

Camel milk tastes just like milk — because it is milk! It does have a distinctive taste — slightly salty, some say, but also smooth, refreshing, and fulfilling. People are surprised when they first drink it, because they don’t know what to expect. But in many cases, it becomes something the whole family can enjoy.

Our camel milk is light, sweet, and clean with a fresh taste. It might differ a little from farmer to farmer depending on the local camel diet and the stage of lactation. There is nothing added and nothing removed. In addition, our partner farms conduct regular lab testing for bacteria and pathogens before packaging.

If you have picky kids — or you ARE the picky kid — add some chocolate or strawberry syrup to a glass of camel milk, sprinkle it with all-natural stevia, or make a smoothie with your favorite fruit. The taste grows on you, and you’ll find yourself craving camel milk when you feel tired, hungry or just need that extra-healthy feeling!

Camel Milk Price

Why does it cost more than that homogenized, de-fatted, vitamin-added blend of cow milks on your grocery store shelf? Well, we’re outnumbered! There aren’t that many camels in the US. Their pregnancies last longer than a humans’ (around 13–14 months), and we don’t have a lot of advanced camel breeding technology in the US yet like they do in the Middle East.

Population of camels in the US - ratio of cows to camels in the US

For now, our camels are found in small family dairies in the Midwest with new milking programs set to open in the West. Most dairies have only between two to 20 camels, with each milking camel producing around five liters per day. So don’t spill your bottle!

Where to Buy Camel Milk

You can buy camel milk and camel milk products from Desert Farms' online store. You can also buy camel milk near you at certain locations.