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How to start a camel dairy farmFarmers Wanted

Desert Farms is always interested in hearing from farmers who want to start milking camels. At Desert Farms we value partnership.
As a farmer you are more than just a supplier, your success is our success and we are in this together. We offer competitive terms and the
stability of working with our camel milk company. Ask about joining our Family of Farms and nation wide distribution—email us now

Farmer Support
At Desert Farms, farmers and customers come first, not a corporate management team or stockholders with other priorities. And while camels
are cute, very manageable and the kids will fall in love with them they can be quirky. Our network of camel farmers and milk experts can get you
going and help along the way. We strive to keep our products local and to ensure a fair and stable pay price. But our farmers tell us that the biggest advantage of working with Desert Farms is that they can focus on working in the fields instead of worrying about sales and marketing. By spending more time in the field, our farmers are able to increase their level of production, which is essential to the success of any small farmer. With Desert Farms you will gain access to a nation wide distribution that will move your camel milk faster than you can milk!